6 Ways To Get The Call

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In The World Of Mobile Users Calls Rule

There are new features in Google AdWords that can help companies get calls.Do you need visitors to your website or calls? In this highly competitive world, we build websites and do SEO to bring people to our website. But what if you just want them to call you?

Many companies like pizza parlors or insurance companies it is probably the call that is more important. In the case of Pizza, they know if someone calls it is to order most of the time. For insurance a visit to the site and forms to fill out are not as compelling as them actually call. Your agent now has someone he can listen to and solve problems. Truthfully an agent loves to talk to prospective clients.

How To Get Them To Call Is The Problem

First websites now must be mobile responsive. With an ever increasing amount of people doing their searches on mobile devices, it is foolish not to be visible. Here are some tips on how to get them to call.


Optimize The Title Tag For Calls

The title tag has an effective length of 55 or so characters that will be shown in Google preview.  Make it count. Include your phone number in standard format.  Do not be fancy (XXX) XXX-XXXX is preferred.  Both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer will make a call button from standard format.

Optimize The Meta Description

Prime real estate for SEO.  It is also a great place to put your phone number. Remember that you only have 150-160 characters to tell your story.  Make it compelling.  Make sure the keywords for what you do are there, but make sure it is in conversational English and sounds natural.  Having the phone number helps your site in local ratings.

Place The Phone Number Large and Visible

What can I say. If you want people to call they have to see the number quickly and easily.  If it is on a landing page make it the clickable call to action. You can even build a Skype call into the number so desktop or laptop users can call. In the case of a Pizza Parlor, when they call it is to order for most of the time.  On your main page put it in a upper corner make it easy to read.

Make The Phone Number Clickable For Mobile

The millenials are here to stay.  With them, they search from their phone or tablet.  Make sure your site is responsive and that the phone numbers on your site have a call function built into them.  They click and you talk.

Here is an article on how to do the actual work.


Inside AdWords Charge up your phones with call only campaigns

Using Google AdWords To Drive Calls

Google AdWords has the feature to take a standard formatted phone number and makes a call action button.  This is great for driving calls to your phone.

Organic SEO can cause you to rise up the search results.  But sometimes you need faster response.  There is a trade off.  Only 30 % of search traffic is to AdWords and 70% are to organic.  But the it is on the top of the page.  AdWords is also temporary once you stop spending it is gone.

So you need to do both standard SEO along with online marketing, at the same time as your AdWords.  Build the 70% share on organic search.  It has staying power.

Remember that if you do not use Google Analytics, you have no idea how effective anything is.

Call Only Pay Per Click For Results

While standard AdWords PPC campaign is optimized to drive people to websites Call Only AdWords only charges you when they call and are not even seen on non mobile devices.  They do not connect to your site they just call you.  If you need to talk to people for your conversion process this is a way to go.

Case Study: Call Only PPC Ad Optimization

Call-Only Ads – 5 Reasons Why They Should Be Part of Your PPC Strategy

If you need help with optimizing or setting up a program to drive calls to your business call (559) 668-0707 or just  click here.