A/B Testing in Analytics

Oftentimes referred to as “split testing”, A/B testing in analytics is an ideal way to compare two different versions of the same webpage in order to determine which one performs the best. The variants are usually referred to as “A” and “B”, hence the name A/B testing. The one that results in the greatest number of conversions is the content or webpage you want to use on your business website. Not only can you improve your conversion rate with A/B testing in analytics, test hypotheses and validate changes in the overall design of your website.

All about Website Metrics

Testing takes all of the guesswork out of the equation and enables you to make data-backed, well-informed decisions that can shift your company mentality from the “we think” to the “we can” or “we know” mindset. By analyzing the impact that certain changes have on your website metrics (downloads, purchases, sign-ups, etc.), you can ensure that every change will have a positive outcome. However, there is more to the importance of A/B testing in analytics than effecting positive changes.

You can compose sales e-mails with the most enticing prose and relevant content or design and develop an aesthetically-appealing website that is sure to attract tons of visitor traffic. But if you do not conduct any A/B testing in analytics, you won’t be able to determine whether or not your visitors are pursuing your information, materials, and products or services. Even more important, you won’t be able to determine how they found your website or what content they engaged with. Without these data points to compare, how would you ever know?
Knowing what your customers’ are interested in is essential and your marketing campaign will depend upon knowing the customers preferences. And that is where we step in. You can call us in anytime to discuss how we can help you get it correct.

Partner with us

When you partner with Cloud1Marketing for web content A/B testing, we can show you why this approach is so effective and powerful where the success of your website is concerned and whether or not the testing is paying off. For more information regarding A/B testing in analytics and marketing strategy or to learn more about our comprehensive line of online marketing services, contact us today. We’ll be glad to assist you at every step and walk you down the complete process.