What are the best SEO Tools?

What are the Best SEO tools?

 Irrespective of whether you are utilizing SEO for your own company or on a website for the client, you need to use SEO tools. To fit all budgets and requirements, some are paid tools while there are plenty of those that are free. However, the features and quality differ. You might be confused about using the right SEO tool for your business and see the effectiveness of the digital marketing strategies that you might be using. That is why we have compiled a list of the top SEO tools for effective usage. Now you will not need to waste resources and time to give each one a try for your own SEO requirements.

Moz: It is a great portal for SEO with a large and experienced community of experts and resources. With plenty of tools, you are able to view all of the information that you need about the implemented SEO strategy. It has an extremely informative on tracking ranks, keyword research and link analytics. It allows you to track websites, Search Engine ranks to target.

HubSpot: This is powerful software for inbound marketing platform which helps businesses and companies target the audience, convert leads and close sales. As compared to other tools in the market, the SEO aspect is basic but if marketing is your agenda, it is a great tool for lead generation and marketing businesses.

SEMrush: One of the best software tools used for keyword research, SEMrush has a huge collection of SEO tools while it has a range of informative dashboards for the website analysis. From rank tracking and backlink research SEMrush is actively developed. It is better priced as compared to other SaaS-model tools, with unlimited sites and keywords.

Raven tools: An extremely good tool, Raven is one of the best software for experts on SEO. As per the features, you are allowed to show Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and Google AdWords while it integrates as per the third-party SEO tools.

Ahrefs: It is one of the best SEO tools for finding the best links while the go-to functionality so the backlink search is great. With better UX, it offers deep link analysis and management aspects and is quite similar to SEO SpyGlass.

Majestic: This is also a very good tool to analyze and find backlinks to websites. With a price lower than Ahrefs, it has a huge index of pages and URLs. However, the main focus is on finding links and analyzing them but does not determine the quality and relevance.

Based on your budget and requirement, it is imperative to look at all aspects of the SEO strategy, before you buy the software. Browse online and see the available options. Get a Free SEO Audit for your website at

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