Best Types Of Google Ads

types of Google Ads

Have you been looking for the best types of Google ads that can enhance your marketing campaign? The fact is that most of the advertisements and promotions focus around the YouTube, Google Search and Google Display networks.

These are the main areas (websites with Google ads, mobile apps and Google sites) where your advertisements can appear; giving your business the much needed publicity. Initially Google only had text based advertisements on the right side of the Google search and then came the sponsored ads right on top. However, changes happened and now even though there are text based advertisements, there is a complete range of these available to suit all businesses. Some of the best Google ads include:

Search Ads

Most people are familiar with this and you can see them on the right side of the page with Google search results. They are usually based on the search keywords that you input and are in text only. You can see them in Google Maps and Google Shopping, based on the keywords. Additionally, these ads can be seen as part of the Google Search Networks which includes the websites that have become partners of Google for AdWords ads. With plenty of options of location, phone calls, reviews and site links, can be targeted as part of the keywords.

Product Listing Adverts

These ads include a title, price and image and of course your business name. It is connected with a merchant center account with a data feed that is in turn connected with AdWords. It is usually used for eCommerce websites.

Google Display Network

Most of the banner ads are connected with AdWords and that is not all. With a reach of 2 million websites starting with blogs to popular websites, the display ads are rich media ads and include texts too. These are usually used in remarketing campaigns to increase sales, and enhancing brand promotions. Some of these include:

  • Image/banner ads– graphic ads on bottom or top of webpages
  • Text ads– texts you see in your email
  • Rich media ads– interactive videos or image

Advertisements on YouTube

With plenty of options of advertising within YouTube, even though it is a part of Display ads, there is categorization that you need to be aware of based on AdWords, location and video topics, such as:

  • Overlay ads: These are the in-video advertisements and are usually semi-opaque appearing at the bottom of the videos. These are not seen on mobile devices.


  • Skippable video advertisements: Pre-roll advertisements that can be skipped after 5 seconds when you want to. These are be inserted in the middle of the video, before or after the YouTube video and pop up on all devices.
  • Non-skippable video ads: These are mandatory advertising that you have to watch before the video of your choice starts to play and are of 30 seconds.