The most common Web Design Mistakes

It has oftentimes been said that business and eCommerce websites serve as a hub for a wide range of companies large or small.  However, as a small business owner, it is safe to assume that your website is a vital component of your branding and marketing efforts.  And all it takes is a single mistake to drive your prospective customers away.  Remember that your website is like your own child.  You have loved it and nurtured it since it was born and it represents who your company is.

Without a doubt, the website creation and development process is nothing short of tedious.  But you have to be careful and take care to avoid the following critical web design mistakes.  In the long run, this will enable your company and your bottom line to flourish:

Going to extremes with your website design – for what it’s worth, having a flashy web design is not the best idea when it comes to your marketing strategy.  You can over-design it and have nothing more than a website that is too busy-looking to do any good.  Focus on attracting more website visitors instead of a flashy design.  Your website visitors will have a more pleasant user experience.

Not determining who you target audience is – sometimes, in the rush to launch your website, it is easy to overlook the most important element of the process – your target audience.  If you have any hopes for success you have to do your homework.  You need to determine who your target audience is and carefully research the market you are attempting to reach.  Be sure to use the research to your advantage and as the foundation of your website design.

There’s no call to action – another oftentimes overlooked element is the call to action.  This directs your website visitors to take the next step such as contacting you, purchasing your product or service, or subscribing to your e-mails.  You content needs to have the right answer when you visitors ask you “what’s next?”

Too much or not enough was invested in your website design – hiring a web designer too cheaply can have negative consequences.  Conversely, many companies have made the mistake of spending top dollar for a web designer that didn’t deliver the website you were promised.  If you do your research you will find the right web designer who will provide you with the highest value for your money.

Webpage content is not fresh and up to date – if you intend on having an effective and enticing website design, it has to contain fresh and up to date content so that you will hold your visitor’s interest.  It’s not enough to just have an attractive, professional website.  You have to offer your visitor traffic with something of value or a product or service that they need.  If you let your content go stale, your customers might think you can’t be competitive or are no longer in business.

You tried to save money by going the DIY route – you are better off putting your website design in the hands of a professional that has the experience and skills necessary for your project rather than attempting to do it on your own.  DIY websites use premade templates and clip art graphics.  A qualified web designer can customize your website and tailor it specifically to the needs of your business.

Your website is not mobile-friendly – 75% of all the individuals who browse the internet use their smartphones to do so.  Ironically, 96% of them say that they have visited sites that were not mobile-friendly.  So when you are designing or re-designing your website, make sure you do not overlook this.

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