How to Promote Your Dental Practice?

dental practice

With more dental schools and the big corporate dental practices, there is increasing competition for dental patients.

Here are some things to help promote your practice:

  • Become a well run business. You need to make a system to handle customer service and keep them happy. You need to put policies in place that makes sure they are all treated very well. If you give them only good service only about 50% of them will come back. If you give them excellent service over 80% will come back and refer others.
  • Start a strong internal marketing or referral program. External marketing programs can be expensive and hard to justify. So give free exam coupons out, ask for referrals, reward those who referred someone, and keep in contact with patients on a regular basis.
  • Capture patient loyalty. Make sure that 90+% of patients calling get scheduled for something. Call all your patients so that 90+% are scheduled for something at all times.
  • Improve Customer Service. Make sure that you surprise them with the quality of your service then they will return, accept elective treatments, share their experience with family and friends, make referrals.
  • Have a mobile responsive website. The days of the yellow pages are over. Most outside advertising, it is hard to justify the cost. Nowadays 60% of all internet searches are done from smart phones and tablets. Your site will need to be seen on phones. A good dental website is not only advertising, it is also a tool to help with patient services. There is also a need to optimize your site for Google Local Search for your county. This allows you to show up on local searches for those looking for dentist or your specialty.