Edge Browser will change Search and SEO!

Microsoft Edge Browser

In 2009, Microsoft and Yahoo! announced a 10-year merger (sort of) when the former acquired the licensing to the core search technologies used by the latter. Furthermore, the agreement enabled Microsoft to integrate Yahoo! search technologies into the web search platforms that they employed. The result of the agreement was that Bing, the Microsoft search platform, became the organic and paid search algorithm for Yahoo!’s websites. Suffice it to say, this had a tremendous impact on the search and SEO landscapes.

As a result, many online marketing companies have had to make significant changes in their overall search and SEO strategies. The big takeaway of the agreement is that Bing is now the driving force behind Yahoo! searches and can access their search technologies. So what is changing for organic search and SEO?

Here are 7 major changes to expect:

  1. Bing and Yahoo! local search become essential as Bing’s local registration becomes increasingly more important for smaller businesses.
  2. Bing will get considerably more data while at the same time getting more spam.
  3. Increased value of optimization efforts when using Bing for SEO.
  4. Some Yahoo! link data may get lost in the shuffle.
  5. The UI (user interface) for all searches will be controlled by Yahoo!
  6. We may be seeing the last days of paid search marketing as more individuals will purchase MSN AdCenter Bing Ads while less will invest in Google AdWords.
  7. Yahoo! eventually turns up the heat to separate themselves from the intensely competitive content marketing arena.

Now add the recent launch of Windows 10 into the search and SEO mix and say goodnight to Internet Explorer (They use IE to download Chrome 😉 Nobody is using that browser anymore anyway so why not? The same holds true with Microsoft Edge as it could gain significant search market share from Google Chrome. Overtime, the Edge browser may just be powering more Bing searches.

Where does Bing stand to gain the most search market share?

Probably from the fact that it is now included with Windows 10. So it stands to reason that we are going to see more Bing searches in increasing numbers. There is already a great deal of speculation regarding the amount of search market share that Google is going to lose. Current estimates range anywhere from 5% up to 8% or 9%. The bottom line is that businesses need to start optimizing their websites for Bing users so they can set up platforms such as Bing Webmaster Tools or Bing Places for Business.

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