How to Enhance Company Brand & Sales

enhance company brand

Most successful internet marketers and online entrepreneurs will tell you that the best way to enhance company brand or branding and increase sales is by designing and developing an SEO-friendly website.  They will also tell you that an SEO web design will help you to build a stronger online presence and increase your visibility so that you achieve a higher ranking in the SERP’s or search engine results pages.

In addition to helping you enhance your company brand and increase your sales, you will enjoy the following 10 benefits:

  • enables access to important data
  • enhances business growth
  • generates consistent results
  • improved cost-effectiveness
  • improved ROI (return on investment)
  • increased website traffic
  • more credibility
  • provides practical and successful results
  • separates you from the competition
  • user-friendliness

Some business owners attempt to optimize their own websites by themselves while others turn to a professional web designer to do this.  Regardless, having an SEO-friendly web design could be the key to success.

6 SEO Tips for Building Company Brand Awareness

The first thing to keep in mind is that your brand’s image is more than building visibility with a web design and technology.  By using a variety of SEO techniques, you can boost your online brand awareness.  Consider the following:

  • Any brand is recognized by its name but it must also be accompanied by an image which in this case would be your company logo.
  •  Description tags and Meta keywords play a key role in enhancing brand awareness so it is important that your title tags compliment these factors.
  •  If you offer your visitor traffic multiple locations for purchasing the products or services you are selling, you should link those locations back to your website’s home or landing page.
  •  Social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or Twitter will provide you with the clout you need to enhance your brand’s visibility.
  •  The use of additional images besides your company logo will enhance your brand by increasing top of mind awareness among your website visitors.
  •  Whether you use organic or paid search options, you can exploit specific link extensions to increase your ranking in the SERP’s.

Remember, SEO is all about achieving a higher ranking in the SERP’s and your online presence or the lack of it could make the difference between attaining a front-page position and getting lost in the search engine results.

4 Techniques for Increasing Sales with SEO Content

The age-old adage “Content is King” definitely applies when it comes to how it can help to increase sales.  The following 4 SEO content techniques have all proved to be effective:

Bullet points can be one of your best friends – bullet points in your content can provide a dual incentive with conversions and SEO.  Not only do these content elements break up the webpage, they can be used to highlight more important details that grab the attention of your website visitors.

Increase conversion rates with a call to action – in online marketing, a call to action (CTA) instructs your readers to respond immediately.  Expressions such as “Call us today for more information” or “Don’t pass up this opportunity – call us today!” should be included in your content – and more than once.

Keywords plus unique selling points (USP’s) equals more sales conversions – every online company has USP’s that separate them from the competition.  If you haven’t already developed these, you need to do so immediately.

Your most impactful content must be above the page break on your first webpage – get your key marketing messages across efficiently and quickly.  Otherwise, your visitor traffic will leave your page and go to another website.

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