How to get on First Page and Dominate with SEO

Dominate with SEO

On-site optimization is the practice of optimizing your website in order to get the attention of the search engines.  Search engine optimization or SEO has long been recognized as the ultimate website traffic generator and for good reason.  However, the process is oftentimes multifaceted and can be extremely complex.  What you need to remember is that, just like every other facet of internet marketing, online entrepreneurship, and the search engines, SEO is constantly evolving.  But no matter how much the technology changes, people never do.How to get on First Page and Dominate with SEO

One of the secrets to online business success is to rank on the first SERP (search engine results page).  Here are 3 simple steps that can drive more traffic to your website by improving your search engine ranking:

Step #1 –  Create high-quality content – knowledge may be power but content is always king.  It’s something people need to be continually reminded of where their webpages are concerned.  One of the keys to online success is content marketing and that involves creating, developing, and maintaining the content on those pages.  Content gets stale very quickly, and website visitors who consistently visit eCommerce sites know this.  If they keep seeing the same content every time they visit your website, guess what? They’ll quit visiting!

Step #2 –  Find Your broken Links and fix Them – Google provides FREE yet indispensable tools for managing your website’s operations while granting insight into its health (e.g. page loading time, search results appearance, and volume of indexed pages).  One of Google’s most helpful webmaster tools is the “Crawl Errors Report”.  When used properly , you can efficiently review the status of every link that redirects individuals to your website.

Consequently, Google follows those links or attempts to do so, and if it doesn’t redirect as it should, you get two very familiar looking response codes:

  • 404 – connection made; resource not found
  • 500 – connection to server unavailable

Step #3:  Optimize 2 important Elements – namely meta descriptions and titles.  Your meta description gives your website visitors a basic idea of what your webpage is all about while title tags are pieces of meta data that give your webpage’s name to the search engines.  It’s basically that blue-colored link that you find in every search result in the Google (or any other search engine’s) results pages.  Editing these when necessary can be a lot easier if you have a good CMS or content management system.