How to Land on Google’s First SERP?

Google’s First SERP?

Today there are numerous services and tools that will enable you to achieve a higher listing or ranking on Google’s First SERP. But how do you know which one is going to help you achieve those goals? If you want to land on Google’s first search engine results page, here are 5 helpful tips that will greatly improve your chances.

Be patient – it takes time to develop and promote a website, and although you may achieve some quick wins initially, getting that steady stream of website visitors on an ongoing basis is not going to happen overnight.  It takes time to develop a website’s architecture, to optimize each webpage, and to research keywords.  Be patient, do everything properly, and you will achieve the rankings in the SERP’s that you deserve.

Outsmart the competition – if you want to rank higher in the SERP’s than your competitor, then you have to invest more time than what he or she is investing in their website.  This is just about the only way that you are ever going to achieve better rankings.

Show Google what you’re made of – there is a mysterious authority that is found in all SEO content and its name is Google.  Its goal is to rank the highest quality web content and pages in the SERP’s.  Remember, it’s all about delivering what the website visitor is searching for.  If you’re going to create a high-ranking website, you have to do 3 specific things:

  • Design and develop webpages that feature high quality, informative content
  • Present your content attractively
  • Interact with your website visitors

You must have a thorough understanding of what you are doing – SEO experts and gurus will always offer advice when asked.  However, you don’t what to believe everything they tell you or blindly follow their suggestions.  Remember that they are giving you their opinions – not the facts.  Conduct your own tests, develop your own strategies, and forge your own path.

You have to invest a lot of effort and time in your website as well as your SEO activities – designing, developing, and launching your website is never a one-and-done operation.  You have to constantly maintain it.  You cannot put SEO on auto-pilot.  You have to do certain things if you want to succeed at this including:

  • fixing technical errors
  • optimizing your webpages
  • researching keywords and key phrases

So, despite all of the changes that Google continues to make, getting ranked on the first SERP or “Search Engine Results Page” doesn’t have to be the challenge that it once was.