Tips for driving Traffic to eCommerce Website

eCommerce Website

Your eCommerce website involves only a single launching operation to get it up and running over the internet.  So it is important that you use the launch of your site to attract as much attention as you can and generate as much initial visitor traffic as possible.  But before you can call yourself a seasoned eCommerce website owner, there are a number of things you can do to ensure your grand opening traffic continues to visit your site.

6 Helpful Tips for Attracting Visitor Traffic

The secret to survival in the eCommerce world is qualified visitor traffic.  Qualified in this case refers to those individuals who are looking to purchase the products or services that you are offering.  Here are 6 helpful tips that will help you accomplish that:

Be a blogger – every small business owner with a website needs to get involved in blogging so he or she can write articles that feature specific people and reach specific audiences.  Blogging is all about reaching out to a particular audience and engaging them with informational and interesting content.  Rather than sending out free samples to get them interested and engage them, write a blog about a particular individual and posting it to the social media platforms they use so others can read what you said about them.

Engage the Social Media Audience – even though you would probably like to just focus on sales and running your business, don’t forget to engage your target audience at Twitter.  When you own a small business or an eCommerce website, there are a number of ways to get people’s attention and get active on several social media platforms.  According to the eBiz/MBA website, the following are the top 5 social media platforms and their estimated unique monthly visitors –

 #1 Facebook / 900 million

#2 Twitter / 310 million

#3 LinkedIn / 255 million

#4 Pinterest / 250 million

#5 Google+ / 120 million

Have family members and friends share your content – if you’re like most people, you’re probably sick of the oversharing that Facebook members typically do.  However, if you reach out to your family members and friends in targeted fashion, you might be able to get them to share your content on their social media platforms.  Plus, you won’t run the risk of irritating any of them and you can post information or updates for them to share.

Reach out to bloggers and vloggers (video bloggers) – although the size of either audience will vary, some of them have a large group of followers.  The best way that you can reach them is by searching Google.

Reddit is a great hangout for businesses – Reddit is a combination entertainment, news, and social networking for submitting content relevant to what you do.  It seems as though the entire internet has been hanging out on this site lately, although that isn’t entirely accurate.  The main pain is an accumulation the most popular, recent content.  However, there are thousands of subreddits or niches where you can post relevant content.

Use Instagram as one of your marketing channels – this is become a very effective marketing tool.  Recent studies have shown that Instagram engages brands over 25% more than any other social media platform.  It also generates higher order values than Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter.  Not only will you generate more awareness of your brand and website, it can increase the amount of visitor traffic you receive.

On a closing note, the key to writing good blog content is making it informational so you can keep them interested.  Eventually, you can transform them into customers.

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