How to promote your eCommerce website using social media platforms

How to promote your eCommerce website using social media platforms

The practice or process used by internet marketers and online entrepreneurs to create more visibility and drive more visitor traffic to their websites through the use of social media platforms is commonly referred to as “Social Media Marketing” or SMM.  The majority of the SMM programs out there focus on creative content marketing efforts in order to attract the attention of more readers and encourage them to share that content on the social media sites that they are members of.

Today, that terminology is used for describing Web 2.0 or 2nd generation websites that enable more engagement with their followers or readers.  In the past, traditional websites used passive information consumption while this modern-day generation of social media websites encourages reader comments and feedback.  In other words, the reader is being encouraged to contribute their own ideas or content.  Today, the popularity of using social media platforms as a marketing and promotional tool is increasing on a daily basis.

 The Basics of SMM

No matter how large or small your business is, social media platforms provide you with excellent marketing opportunities.  You can use SMM for:

  •  attracting new clients or customers
  • building long-term, stronger relationships with your current clients or customers
  • finding out what your customers and website visitors think about your business
  • promoting your brand and business name
  • telling your clients or customers about the products and services you

More importantly, the number of businesses that use social media to promote their products or services as well as the individuals that follow these businesses is growing in number all the time.  So it just makes good sense to use social media platforms when marketing and promoting the products and services you are offering.

The Key Advantages of SMM

Although the basic advantages of using social media platforms includes the ability to interact with your followers in order to create and share informational content through different online communities and social networks.  Additional advantages of using social media marketing include:

  •  Information can be distributed quickly to many individuals at the same time.
  • It provides you with a more expansive reach so you can engage a regional, national, or global audience.
  • Many social media platforms are FREE for businesses to use while the paid options are very cost-effective.
  • No computer equipment or special skills are required to use different social media platforms.
  • Social media platforms allow you more personal, one-on-one communication opportunities with groups and individuals alike.
  • You can target a particular audience in specific geographic areas.

Fortunately, it does not require a great deal of knowledge in order to learn how to use social media.  However, it does require developing some marketing skills in order to use these different platforms to promote your products or services.

 Getting Started

It is important when you are first starting out to determine what you want to promote.  You need to know who your target audience is as well before you sign up at different social media websites.  Additionally, if you decide to use multiple social media sites you might want to consider hiring a social media manager.  There are quite a few applications that are used specifically for managing social media accounts.

Finally, it is extremely important post content updates as frequently as possible so that you always offer your followers fresh information about your company brand as well as your products or services.  Keeping your content as fresh as possible enables you to keep your readers interested in what you have to offer.  Be sure that you keep this and all of the above in mind when participating in social networks.


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