Importance of Logo & Social Media in Web Design

Logo Design and Social Media

The use of a logo in your website design helps to identify your business and increase your online presence.  As a result, they have become a critical component of any eCommerce website’s online marketing strategy.  It serves as the primary graphical representation of your company while anchoring your brand within your target market.  It is the most visible manifestation of your company’s online presence and visibility.  So it goes without saying that a well-designed logo is a vital component of your online marketing strategy.

Logos in Website Design

Whether you design your logo or you have it created professionally, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Brand identity – where your overall brand identity is concerned, your logo design is the primary visual component that your website visitors will focus on first. You should use it on your advertising materials, business cards, and any other website related documents.  For that reason alone, your logo design can significantly contribute to the overall success of your business and eCommerce website.
  • Design principles – a good logo design should be comprehensible to your visitor traffic. But it also needs to be unique.  Logos are the shortest method for referring to your business and company as well as the advertising and marketing materials that you use.  It should also serve as an anchoring point in all of your marketing materials.
  • Purpose – your logo design serves as the face of your company and your eCommerce website. It is a unique graphical display of your company’s identity and involves colors, fonts, and images to provide viewers with essential company information that helps them identify your brand.
  • ROI (return on investment) – as consumers get to know you, they will like you. Once they like you, they will trust you.  Once you have established that trust, they will buy from you – again and again.  Additionally, they will be more likely to notice you and positively respond to you if you have a good logo design.  This can potentially lead to improved presence of mind and increased sales within your target audience.

Think about this for a moment.  The importance of logo designs in the branding process cannot be overstated.  If branding weren’t that important, fewer companies wouldn’t be doing it.  Additionally, if the use of logos in the branding process weren’t as important as it is, then every product sitting on the shelves in retail stores would be generic and unappealing to the consumer.

The use of Social Media in Website Design

Integrating social media platforms in your website design can help you reach a larger target audience and generate more sales leads.  Many online business owners see their website as the center of their company brand’s universe.  However, more and more consumers are turning to social media sites to access information regarding promotions on the products or services they are searching for.  Many website owners have also used those platforms to gather feedback from consumers and voice their own opinions.

You can integrate social media in your website design in many ways.  However, the most common methods for accomplishing this are:

  • Developing a social media-friendly website design
  • Enabling social media site logins on your home and webpages
  • Informing your customers of the social media sites you’re on
  • Integrating Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter reviews into your site
  • Making all of your content shareable
  • Utilizing appropriate YouTube videos

The bottom line is that having a website design that isn’t integrated with your social media networks doesn’t make any sense.  You will only be increasing your risk of not driving traffic to your website and generating more sales in the process.

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