The Importance of Web Design and Development

web design and development

Many businesses today have generated more sales and profits by designing and developing their own website.  The importance of having a website cannot be overstated when you consider that it is the first line of communication between your business and your potential clients or customers.  Therefore, one of the primary advantages of using a web design and development company is that they have the experience, expertise, and skills to create an eye-appealing site that is available to visitors worldwide on a 24/7/365 basis.

Why is Web Design and Development so Important?

It goes without saying that having a good website design is important to any online small or mid-sized business.  In order to generate sales and profits, the design of a website has to be attractive and appeal to those individuals who visit.  Basically, your website has to entice the people who visit it and eventually purchase the products or services you are offering.  Another key issue is that a good website design will enable you to develop more visibility and a strong online presence, both of which are vital to your company’s success.

In today’s online business environment, you have to have the right website design in order to keep pace with your competitor’s.  Otherwise, you’re just going to get lost in the shuffle.  Unfortunately, too many small business owners today feel that they cannot afford to have a website designed and developed for their company.  The truth of the matter is that they can’t afford not to have a website, especially when you consider how the use of mobile devices for surfing the web has skyrocketed in recent years.

Creating Your Website

The creation of a website involves the two primary functions of design and development.  The first step usually involves creating the template that will be used throughout the website’s development, which can easily be accomplished by the website designer that you have hired to do the job.  Once the designer creates the template, the developer will add the template to the site using what is called “structural coding” (the code that is used to create the actual pages of the site).  Once the site has been created, the developer will work on making it look more attractive, colorful, and eye-catching.

Choosing the Right Web Design and Development Company

When you do a simple Google search, you may be overwhelmed at the staggering number of results that you encounter when using the search terms “web design and development company.”  However, after going through the first two or three results pages, you should have a list of at least 6 to 10 companies to compare.  Once you have compiled your list, consider the following 4 steps:

Ask to see each company’s portfolios and past work history – this will help you determine if they can produce the type of website you want.

Customer service is critical – it doesn’t matter how beautiful your website is.  If the web design and development company does not provide a superior level of customer service and tech support, you should take them off your list of candidates.

Find out where the company is physically located – for example, if your business is located in Phoenix, AZ you probably won’t want to deal with a company that in Gary, Indiana.  This will enable you to meet with them in-person if you need to.

Last but not least, compare the pricing structure of each company – although your budget is an important consideration, it should never be the determining factor.  The cheapest price is not your best option, but you don’t have to spend a fortune either.  It’s all about getting the best value for the money invested.

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