Incorporating Your Email with Your Social Media Marketing Strategy




Incorporating Your Email with Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

When social media marketing first burst on the scene, numerous internet marketers and online entrepreneurs were envisioning the eventually demise of e-mail and marketing efforts based on e-mailings.  Interestingly enough, e-mail did not become obsolete as a marketing tool.  In fact, e-mail has become a powerful marketing venue thanks to the exponential and widespread use of social media marketing endeavors.

More importantly, a number of studies that were conducted by different research companies have shown how the incorporation of e-mail with social media marketing has led to much better results.  Of the top 20 marketers in the B2B (business-to-business) industry, roughly 65% of them are now incorporating their e-mail with their social media marketing strategies compared a 51% industry average.

Factors to Consider

One of the key aspects to be aware of is the fact that the use of social media has involved seeing more consumers engaging with the e-mails that land in their inboxes.  Even more important is the fact that social media users tend to share the e-mails they receive with the networks they are active in.  That just provides additional justification for the use of e-mail.

However, there are some basic factors you need to consider where incorporating e-mail with social media marketing is concerned.  You will need to:

  • Determine who your social media target audience is
  • Develop a high-quality content marketing approach for each of your social media channels
  • Employ your e-mail to expand your reach and grow the number of social media followers you have
  • Employ your social media networks to increase your e-mail recipients
  • Measure your results and monitor your metrics
  • Tie all of the above factors together in order to incorporate your current marketing campaigns

Once you incorporate your e-mail with your social media marketing and develop new strategies, you will have a better opportunity for boosting the ROI on your campaigns.

 Steps for Incorporating E-Mail and Social Media Marketing

There are a number of ways that you can incorporate your e-mail with social media marketing.  The following are the most effective ways to do this:

 Ask your current e-mail subscribers to connect and share – although many of your readers see certain social media icons on your page, they may not know what their purpose is.  Be sure to explain this to your readers.

 Employ an opt-in form – if any social media platform allows you to install an e-mail opt-in form on their site, DO IT!  This will help you to increase your followers and subscribers.

 Insert social media icons into your e-mails – although this is just common sense, make these bold and visible.  Don’t just bury tiny Facebook or Twitter icons at the bottom of your e-mail pages.

 Provide your readers with incentives – if you want members of social media platforms to connect with and follow you, give them an incentive to do so.  After all, they want to know what’s in it for them.

 Target your e-mails – if you are not having a great deal of success including social media buttons and links, your intentions may not be clear enough.  If asking your readers to connect and share is not generating sufficient results, you may need to fine tune and target your e-mails to a more specific market.

 Use the “Re-tweet This!” snippet – another way to spread your e-mail marketing across social media platforms, highlighting a specific tweet and ask your readers to re-tweet it.

 Utilize social networks to promote signing up for your e-mails – if you have a lot of followers on a particular social network, encourage new subscribers to sing up on.  You should also be promoting e-mail sign-ups on your different networks.