Increase Sales with Responsive Web Design & SMM

As an experienced eCommerce website owner or internet marketer, or any other aspiring online entrepreneur for that matter, you are probably aware of how visitor traffic must be converted into sales if you plan on staying in business very long.  Additionally, it is important that you understand how you can increase your rate by having a responsive web design and using different social media platforms.

What are Sales Conversions?

In the world of eCommerce and internet marketing, a sales conversion is defined as . . .

“the number of website visitors that take a specific action and go beyond casual content reading or simply visiting a website as a result of the direct requests from advertisers, content writers, and internet marketers.”

In this case, the “specific action” is the purchase of a product or service and the “direct request” is more commonly referred to as a “call to action.”

It follows then that the sales conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors out of the total number of visitors that purchase something.  Advertisers, content creators, and marketers have different definitions of conversion rates, but for the purposes of this content, it refers to the actual percentage of sales to the total number of website visitors.

Increasing Sales with a Responsive Web Design

If you’re just starting out in an eCommerce or internet marketing endeavor, you may not be familiar what a responsive web design entails.  A responsive web design or RWD is a design approach that constructs websites to provide visitors with the optimal viewing experience across different devices ranging from desktops to a variety of mobile devices.  Responsive web designs are characterized by easy navigation and reading using a minimum of panning, re-sizing, and scrolling.

Having a responsive web design will help you to increase visitor traffic and sales because it enables you to cater to a larger audience.  Statistics have recently revealed that the number of individuals who browse and shop using their mobile devices has nearly equaled the number of people who are using their desktops.  It is estimated that individuals who browse and shop with their mobile devices will exceed desktop users by the end of 2015.

Using Social Media to Increase Sales

The popularity of social media marketing or SMM has grown exponentially over the past decade.  Needless to say, it has become a key component of eCommerce and internet marketing strategies.  There are 5 steps involved with using social media to increase sales which includes:

Know your customer base – once you know this, you can determine the best social media platform to use in order to connect with and engage them.

Create your persona – develop a profile that is amiable and trustworthy within your social media communities.

Connect with specific individuals – connect, follow, or friend with those individuals who have profiles that match those of your customers.

Develop relationships – initially, this is more important than generating sales leads.  When you build good relationships first, they will eventually become sales leads.

Engage in conversations with prospective customers – if you post messages with links to your website and sales pitches, you won’t generate any interest.  However, if you say something like “I may have the solution to your problems.  Here is how my product (or service) can help”, you’re going to generate a lot more response.

On a closing note, it is important to understand how the integration of a responsive web design with social media platforms can help you increase sales.  If you haven’t done this, then it is probably time to consider integrating the two.