Latest trends in search engine optimization



Latest trends in search engine optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is more referred to, has long been recognized as the ultimate website traffic generator and is a vital component to any article or content marketing campaign. But for some reason, the today’s generation of online business owners and start-up entrepreneurs are asking a very common question – “Is SEO dead?” In reality, SEO is not dead. However, we do feel that the SEO landscape has been in constant flux and change is ongoing.

A Changing Approach

Business owners and entrepreneurs alike have long realized that in order to connect and interact with their target audiences, they must have a strong online presence. As a result, Google has taken a hardline approach and penalized numerous websites for certain less reputable transgressions such as:

  • bad website designs
  • poor quality content
  • shady link-building tactics

Though whatever has been working for eCommerce websites in years gone by may no longer be viable in today’s scenario. In fact, those once acceptable practices in the past could actually hurt numerous website businesses today. Constant modification and updating are a part of having a website. Your brand is reflected in the website and that is why it is essential to have quality virtual presentation and visualization of your business brands.

Elements of SEO Strategies

Effective SEO strategies have always been based on 3 core elements – content, links, and social media. However, the most recent trends in search engine optimization strategies are incorporating a number of diverse elements such as:
building brand awareness

  • content marketing
  • integrating social media platforms
  • mobile optimization

As a result, business owners and new entrepreneurs have had to adapt their strategies to the “new reality” and take a closer look at the latest trends in SEO strategy.

5 Key SEO Trends to be Aware of

Successful internet marketers and strategists alike feel that there are some noteworthy developments in SEO strategies that are just beyond the horizon. As we move through 2014 and into 2015, there 5 SEO trends that many experts feel all website owners need to be aware of:

Content marketing continues evolving towards digital maturity – the main buzzword last year (2013) was “content marketing” and that trend continues today. Brand awareness is driving that trend and is becoming savvier when telling their stories. This demands the creation of content that resonates with the different target markets out there. Once the fascination with this begins to wane, internet marketers will demand higher ROI’s.

Focus is no longer on building links – a growing number of online businesses today have shifted their focus from building links to building brand awareness. Strong brands are playing an increasingly significant role in search engine optimization.

Google Search algorithms will continue to change and evolve – the Google landscape is ever-changing, but even in the past, they were tweaking their algorithms two times a day. Google mentioned that certain changes to their algorithm were official while several others had a significant impact on the internet marketing niche.

More integration of social media with SEO is inevitable – as an example, Google+ now relies more on human signaling (e.g. mentions, sharing, etc.) than it ever has in the past. Basically, it is time to develop a sound mobile strategy and a strong media presence if you haven’t done so. Social media has evolved to the extent that it now intersects with SEO strategies and helps to determine your ranking in the search engine results pages.

What was once a luxury option is now a necessity – With the advent of mobile optimization, SEO has taken online businesses to new levels. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult for businesses to rank well when they do not employ mobile strategies today. Online marketing strategies must now include content that is mobile user-targeted as well as a responsive website design. From a business standpoint, it’s time to invest in this if you haven’t already, since nearly 50% of all Americans have smartphones and another 1/3 own tablets.



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