Local marketing trends in 2016

Local Marketing Trends

Local marketing trends in 2016

One of the most utilized strategies used by small businesses is local marketing, as most of the customers seek information on local businesses. When you use local marketing, you are creating opportunities for businesses to get a chance to compete with big box stores and businesses. The benefit that local businesses have is that that the business is immediately approachable and can be proactive in response to the customer’s needs.

As per a study, there has been a steady increase in the demand for local marketing. The statistics prove that 4 out of 5 people are looking for local information and resort to search engines. Nearly 54% people use smartphones to search for local information online and even look for addresses of stores online. About 18% of people who searched local stores made a purchase within 24 hour. Thus, experts believe that in 2016, most businesses are going to hike the local marketing plans and campaigns. Some of the top trends in local marketing that can be expected:

Increased use of mobile devices: It is expected that by 2016, 90% of the people will be using mobile devices especially smartphones. While nearly 30% to 35% of the total website traffic is generated using these devices.

Smartphone and tablet sales increasing: One of the fasted adopted technologies, smartphones and tablet sales are increasing and it is essential that local businesses adept to local marketing strategies and tools. That is the reason that responsive websites are the norm instead of static websites.

Mobile advertisements and payments: With an increasing stress on mobile devices, advertisements and payment portals are going mobile. As per the predictions of SEO experts, if your local business has an app, and is ready to accept mobile payments, you are good to go. If not, maybe you need to upgrade your business requirements to compete with local businesses.

Increased role of social media: Plenty of studies have shown an increase in the role of social media as it affects the purchase decision of people. This is likely to increase as more and more people are looking at reviews, information about products to buy. Most people tend to browse further the ‘Liked’ products on social media that their friends and family have recommended on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. Thus, local businesses need to ensure that they have interesting photographs, quizzes or facts that are likely to be shared.

Email marketing to smaller niche audience: SMS or email blasts to a huge list of subscribers are no longer relevant to a large extent. This year, the mobile marketing trends show that with higher influence of social media and local marketing, it is more about sending out the select information to a smaller segment of both the loyal and prospective customers.