Merging SEO with SMM to Promote Your Website


In the online business world, it’s a given that search engine optimization or SEO plays a key role in the digital branding and internet marketing processes.  It has literally changed the way in which internet marketers and online entrepreneurs have grown their businesses and increased their online presence.  So it follows that the interaction between businesses and consumers is highly influenced by the introduction of a number of these modern day, more innovative digital marketing tools as well as the many SMM platforms that currently exist. SEO SMM

The New Marketing Strategy

Merging SEO with SMM enables internet marketers to develop and maintain their marketing position and online presence.  The marketing strategy that you develop and utilize can help you to improve your digital branding.  Additionally, the success of digital branding relies on two key elements – human interaction and social media recommendations.  This is very true if you are planning on introducing a new product or service.

So the goal of today’s internet marketers has been to shift their focus to increasing their brand’s visibility.  At the same time, they need to develop a social media marketing strategy that not only increases their brand’s visibility, but makes it more important and relevant to their target audience.  The better SEO companies out there employ marketing strategies that can expand a brand awareness campaign that will filter throughout the digital marketing world.

Elements to Include

In order to develop a marketing strategy that employs SEO and SMM, it needs to contain the following 4 elements:

  • Integrate your branding campaign with SEM (search engine marketing)
  • Methods for targeting the SERP’s (search engine ranking pages)
  • Promote your brand across numerous media channels
  • Use Google+ to leverage your SEO branding

No matter how you look at things, SEO and SMM work well in conjunction with one another, provided there is a framework in place for doing that.  If you are planning on merging SEO with SMM, you will need to take the following steps in order to achieve success:

Step #1:  Find your target audience – it is important that you understand their behavior, method of publishing and sharing, and their preferences.  Online entrepreneurs and internet marketers alike stay ahead of the game by using SEO targeting with social media platforms to find and track their target audience.

Step #2:  Define your goals and objectives – a company’s goals and objectives are typically driven by their marketing strategies and their sales campaigns.  As a result, SEO has become an integral part of not only these strategies and campaigns, but the social media platforms that many companies are now using.

Step #3:  Establish your strategy – you have to have a game plan that utilizes SEO and SMM in order to reach your goals and objectives.  Additionally, your plan should focus on content and interaction since you want people to discover it and share it.  Whether you publish new content or take advantage of an opportunity to utilize consumer-generated content in your marketing, it has to involve content sharing and promotion.

Step #4:  Create a tactical SMM formula – in order to find out where your target market is interacting and sharing your content, you need to develop a tactical SMM formula.  A lot of the content you create and your promotions within your SMM strategy have to use that tactical mix in order to be successful.

Step #5:  Monitor and track your goals – the measurement of your goals should directly and indirectly involve your specific objectives.  If you leverage your SMM monitoring and web analytics, this will provide you with the insight needed to improve your results.

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