More about 80-20 Rule of Social Media

80-20 Rule

80-20 Rule of Social Media

Everyone knows that social media is a major part of the marketing for your business but the fact remains that people are not directly interested in direct sales pitches. They are looking to be social and for entertainment. Thus, it is essential that your business social media team goes about building business clients instead of annoying the fans or followers with content that is irrelevant to them. Thus, the marketing has to be subtle while keeping the audience hooked. here is more about 80-20 Rule of social media: –

80/20 rule

Engaging with your audience with the social media is essential and by following the 80/20 rule, it can actually make it a successful campaign. The term ‘80/20’ breaks down as use 80% of the content to keep the audience interested and entertained while only utilize 20% to promote the business and brand. Let the 80% content engage the audience and keep them hooked for the next post. That is why content marketing is a huge part of the social media strategy and is utilized extensively in marketing of businesses. Here are some tips of utilizing the ‘80/20’ rule:

20% of social media content

It is essential that the 20% content on the social media channels is relevant to the online sales pitch but is cloaked in discounts, deals or provides useful information, Pinterest analytics or statistics. It is essential that you include a persuasive call-to-action for your audience. This will lead to higher conversion rates in the future and a loyal customer base.

Sharable content with 80%

The social media marketing team of your business needs to ensure that the 80% of the content that the business social media channel posts for the audience caters to their needs and interest. You can compile insights, ideas that support your thinking – quotes, links to current trends in the industry, retweets, images and ideas. Basically, you look for content which includes videos, articles, blogs, tweets that will be interesting to your audience and ten share it on Facebook, Twitter and more. Additionally, it is important to share your page or tweets with your own followers and then with those that you are following. You can engage with the influencers so that it helps them share your content.

The fact about social media is that you directly connect with the audience and if you cannot keep them engaged or focus too much on your brand and business, they will lose interest immediately. Only by being able to supply what the audience is looking for and is interested in, you can gran eyeballs and increase the publicity of the brand. Thus, it is essential to plan your marketing strategy properly so that leads convert to sales.