How Does PPC complement SEO?

There is a misconception about SEO and PPC being a separate strategy. Although there are many ways they are different, they are both very similar in the end. Their efforts somewhat complement each other and this can lead to greater success. Here are eight different ways that SEO and PPC when coordinated can be a great strategy.

Number 1: Being Visible

The biggest benefit you can get from combining SEO and PPC together is the additional exposure you get from search engine results pages, or SERP. While some think it’s better to decrease the PPC efforts after ranking number one in a search term, it is more important that the top three results on the SERP’s are PPC ads. If you can dominate the organic and paid search results, you can improve your traffic and provide an impression of being well established in whatever market you choose.

Number 2: Share the Keyword Data

When you stand out a little from the crowd, more people will notice you. Running organic as well as PPC campaigns can give you the data you need to analyze. You will need to figure out which organic and PPC keywords you would benefit the most from and then use those results to improve your strategy.

Number 3: Use performing PPC ad Copy to improve your Organic Strategy

You may find that whatever you try with PPC will often certainly work for SEO as well. You will first need to determine which PPC ad gets the most results, you will know which title tags to create, which meta descriptions and page content that you wish to rank organically. The biggest benefit you will see when using PPC ads is that you know you will be getting immediate results. You will know in a short period of time what works and what does not so you don’t waste time and money. You won’t waste your time organically testing titles and Meta as before.

Number 4: Integrate E-Commerce Feeds in the results of your Adwords

E-Commerce has come a long way with Google today. You are now able to link the specific product pages to the PPC ads. These ads will not only feature a product but it will also list reviews and offer viewers a direct link to simply click and be transferred to the page that the product is on. This is a quick and almost effortless way to boost your e-commerce.

Number 5: Use the Site Search Data to Create PPC Keywords

PPC advertising has a goal to determine which keywords customers will most likely use in order to find your service. This type of search on the website will help to analyze the terms that customers will most often use and this gives you insight to the customers’ needs as well as their searches and interest.

Number 6: Avoid Negative PR

On occasion, you may find a negative comment or review about your company; it happens to almost everyone. Whenever it does happen, you will want to use both PPC and SEO to do damage control. That is why you want to focus on number 1: Visibility. You can sway to conversations to be more effective by simply controlling the SEO and PPC results.

Number 7: Use Social Media to get more Visibility

Social media is changing at a rapid pace and that is because business advertisements are focused. Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, which is owned by Google, can offer up ads that are specifically targeted to a group of people. Running campaigns on social media will help you gather up the data you need to determine what type of audience you are attracting and to help you refine your SEO strategy to ensure a more productive campaign.

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