Reasons to advertise your website on social media



Reasons to Advertise Your Website on Social Media

Although social media marketing appears to be the latest internet marketing buzzword or fad, it is the newest and most innovative venue for promoting your company along with your products or services.  Unfortunately, many smaller businesses have yet to discover this and are still utilizing the more traditional advertising and marketing methods to promote their companies.  Social media focuses on interacting with your colleagues as well as your current and prospective clients or customers.

When companies begin using social media to advertise their website, they are unsure of how or where they need to start.  There are a number of reasons to advertise your website on social media.  Hopefully, the following suggestions will help where this is concerned:

Learn and understand what social media is all about – the key to using social media as an advertising medium involves learning and understanding what it is all about.  The first thing you need to realize is that it plays a significant role in marketing your online business.  However, the social media platform you use should be based on facilitating the needs of your business.  It also involves a considerable amount of effort on your behalf.

Asset assessment – the first step to advertising on social media is to determine what product or service that you want to promote.  Answer these two questions.  What are your best assets? Who is the target audience that you want to reach and interact with? If your business is not reaching a significant portion of that market, you can immediately expand your penetration and reach into it by using social media.

Choose the social media platform that best fits the needs of your business – there are several websites that rank the different social media platforms according to the number of estimated monthly visitors and popularity.  Our picks for the top 5 include the following social media sites in order of first to fifth:

  •  #1 Facebook900 million UMV’s(*)
  • #2 Twitter – 310 million UMV’s
  • #3 LinkedIn – 255 million UMV’s
  • #4 Pinterest – 250 million UMV’s
  • #5 Google+ – 120 million UMV’s

(*Unique Monthly Visitors)

While Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter have their merits and although Facebook allows you to create your own business page separate from your primary profile page and timeline, the only social media platform above that is devoted strictly to business is LinkedIn.  So keep that in mind before joining any of these.

Stay current and post your updates – it’s important that you not only post content on these different social media sites but that you keep it fresh and updated as well.  Your content is the primary reason that they will be attracted to your Facebook or LinkedIn page.  But if you want them to continue being your followers, you need to keep that content fresh and updated on a regular basis.  You can give them a reason to follow you by providing valuable information regarding your industry niche or posting videos of your company and your client or customer experiences.

Utilize a social media manager – as a business owner or start-up entrepreneur, your plate is full enough and managing the different social media platforms that you are active in can be a daunting task that is best handled by using a professional social media manager application such as HootSuite or

This will make it considerably easier for you to deliver your marketing message to your followers, manage your social media account activities, and respond to posted comments.  Best of all, you can do this all from a single webpage without having to toggle from one social media platform to another.

Additional Considerations

It goes without saying that any business can save money by moving their offline marketing efforts to the internet.  The online audience is increasing in size every day which provides you with an opportunity to gain more followers.  By creating an online business network, syndicating your social media content, and using blogs and weblogs to deliver your message and other important information, you will make good use of the different social media sites.

The internet is filled with valuable information about social media and how to incorporate it in your marketing strategies.  Be sure that you do some research before getting started so that you can develop the most effective strategy possible.