Right Time to Redesign Your Business Website?

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When you initially developed and launched your business or eCommerce website, it not only proved to be a great asset, it met all of your internet marketing and sales needs.  However, with the passing of time, many changes have occurred in your business.  So that website that originally supported your company objectives may be working against you now and inhibiting the achievement of your current business goals.  So, it goes without saying that your website has become a vital component of your company’s online success.

Your website not only encompasses your company image, it serves as your public persona, so to speak.  It has to make a good first impression with your visitor traffic if you want them to continue research what you have to offer.  In so many words, your website is the primary sales agent of your company.  Neglecting your website is not an option because you need it to enhance your company’s growth.  Otherwise, it will work against you.

Is it Time to Re-Design?

Knowing when it is time to re-design your website is not always obvious and you need to recognize the warning signs.  By answering the following questions, it will be easier for you to decide if a website re-design is in order:

  • Do you feel your website is generating a satisfactory level of sales conversions?
  • Does your website look blah and out of date?
  • Have there been any recent changes in your business or its operation?
  • Is your competition outranking you in the search engine results pages (SERP’s)?
  • Is your content the same as it was when you launched your website?
  • Are the RSS feeds and XML site maps on your website current?
  • Are your website’s navigation capabilities fast and intuitive?
  • Can you update your content without the help of a web design or developer?
  • Has your website been properly displayed on the newer web browsers?

If you answered questions 1 through 5 with a “YES” and questions 6 through 9 with a “NO”, then your website probably needs some re-designing.  Remember, a professionally designed and developed website will convey a good first impression to your visitor traffic.  In addition to this, re-designing can transform your website from being average or moderate to one that is highly successful.

Website Re-Designing is about the Right Reasons, not the Wrong Ones

Re-designing a website can be a tedious process, not to mention extremely time consuming.  So unless it is absolutely necessary, you do not want to invest in this.  Before you decide to do re-design your site, you need to determine whether or not it will make a positive impact on your business.  Remember, changing for the sake of change has always been a poor idea so the following is a list of the right and the wrong reasons for re-designing your website:

The right reasons:

  • To be easier to find (increased visibility)
  • To convert more visitor traffic into sales leads
  • To increase usability through optimization
  • To improve your company’s brand

The wrong reasons:

  • You haven’t re-designed your website in several months to a year
  • You’ve adopted a new company look
  • Your CEO or company owner wants the website re-designed
  • Your competition has re-designed their websites

In closing, it is always beneficial to re-design your company website provided the timing is right for it.  Remember, it has to be done for the right reasons and what might seem to be exciting and fresh in your eyes may be totally confusing and unnecessary in your client’s or customer’s eyes.

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