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Graphic Design

Have you ever judged a website by its cover? Shockingly everyone does. Research shows that good website design and logo is the first thing that people notice about your company. Imagine turning up in an interview with unkempt hair, messy clothes, and appearing as if you just rolled out of bed. Will the recruiter hire you? Well, no. Or imagine having a sales meeting with your client, and you show up late, or you act as if you don’t have an idea of what you are doing and behave like a jerk. Can you crack the deal with your client? Again, the answer will be negative. What went wrong in the first two cases? Well, you failed to build the right first impression. In the digitalization era, your website and your logo acts as your face and helps create the first impression. So, next time, if your website visitor walks away and does not contact you again, blame it on your bad graphic design.

At Cloud1Marketing, we create a halo effect and enchant your clients through our state-of-the-art graphics and visuals. Research shows that your clients spend lesser than fifteen seconds on your website, and hence you need to impress them quickly before they leave your site and land up in your competitor’s site. Remember, your visitors do not come to your website to read a Dickens’ novel; hence it is essential to showcase how your products and services can solve their problems. Our effective graphic designs remain aligned to your business objectives and emphasize how your clients can get solution-based results through your products and services.

Excellent graphic design on your website can be compared to your branded clothes and other expensive accessories that you wear to ameliorate your appearance and make a lasting first impression. Partnering with a graphic designing firm can also be a great idea to impress your clients.

An excellent graphic design builds credibility and shows your clients what you can do for them. For instance, if your logo contains a symbol of trust, it may indicate that you are a trustworthy company. By utilizing the right colors, imagery, and visuals, we control eyeballs and increase your traffic significantly. We use standout graphics to convey a strong visual message that will communicate your story and ideas.

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