Top SMM Management Tools for Small Businesses

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According to small business owners, one key element that they never have enough of is time.  Time is that priceless commodity that you cannot purchase and can never afford to waste.  So it stands to reason that you do not want to be spend a lot of time searching for certain business and marketing tools and learning how to use them in order to achieve your goals.  One of the more popular tools that some business owners are now using is social media marketing or SMM management tools.

Your SMM Plan

When developing a social media marketing plan, your first concern is probably what you are hoping to achieve with it.  You should also be thinking about which SMM management tool will best facilitate the needs of your business.  There is absolutely no point in having a presence on every social media channel or platform if you are not sure of what you are hoping to achieve by doing so,  Additionally, it is too difficult to manage your social media activities without the proper management tool.

As far as what you are hoping to achieve by using different social media platforms, some of your goals might be:

  • better engagement with your target audience across multiple social media channels
  • having an overall view of all the social media channels you are active in
  • improving your workflow
  • in-depth analyses of your different social media marketing campaigns and strategies
  • monitoring keywords and keyword phrases

Granted, you may other goals besides the ones listed here.  However, it’s important that you identify your goals first before setting a plan in motion.

What do You want to Measure?

Another consideration when selecting the right SMM management tool is determining what you specifically want to measure with that tool.  For instance, you might want to:

  • attempt to measure the value of the posts that you are using for your sales campaign
  • compare your brand against your competitor’s to see which one is performing the best
  • evaluate a specific campaign and user engagement
  • try and measure the comments and feedback across different social media channels where your brand is concerned

It’s also important that you monitor the competition and see what they are doing differently and using them for examples of what you should be doing.  Plus, you need to be aware of how your users may be interacting with your competitors.  Finally, you need to know what keywords and keyword phrases as well as subject matter that your competition is ranking for.  The bottom line is that you never want to stop monitoring your competitors if you have an intention of keeping pace with them.

Choosing the right SMM Management Tool

When you are shopping for a SMM management tool, you obviously want to find one that applies to your business and your social media marketing strategy.  Keep in mind that there are dozens of these available, so be sure you research what they have to offer.  They should provide you with options for every scenario you could encounter when using social media platforms for your small business.  Similar aspects of each tool may be more complex than others.  So having a clear goal is important before you evaluate your options.

Budget – the Final Consideration

One of the most difficult considerations that every small business owner is faced with involves knowing what their budget will allow.  It’s also a matter of being unsure about the value that a certain SMM management tool can add and what a reasonable price for such a tool would be.  Just remember that developing a social media presence is going to take time and you may not see a lot of results right away.

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