Understanding content marketing and impact on your business


Understanding content marketing and impact on your business

Although you may be familiar with the term “content marketing”, you may not understand the “how” and “why” you can use it to positively impact your business. The use of content marketing in promotional endeavors has become increasingly in many company’s strategies today, and for good reason. The basis of this marketing strategy involves the posting of relevant and valuable information which goes a long way to attracting more website visitors. Furthermore, if it is done properly, it will drive more sales and profits for your company.

Understanding the “Why” of Content Marketing

You can easily market a great product or service with content marketing. This is the “why” that we mentioned in the above paragraph. Not only does this help you educate your clients or customers, it helps you create brand awareness in the marketplace. Furthermore, when you develop a sound content marketing strategy, you will always be delivering consistent, valuable content and information to your target audience.

Another reason that content marketing works so effectively and efficiently is because most consumers today have grown tired of the traditional forms of advertising and promoting products or services. As a smart business owner or entrepreneur, you have to be smart in your marketing efforts. This includes producing content that is relevant and valuable (as well as interesting) to your target audience. From interesting and relevant web content to blogs and articles that add value to the website and provide relevant details is essential. You cannot have low quality, keyword stuffed run-of-the-mill content and hope that your website ranks well.

Content Marketing vs. Intrusive Marketing

The growing popularity of permission-based marketing and SMM is attributed to the fact that it is not intrusive like the more traditional marketing strategies. The reason intrusive marketing is no longer working as effectively as it once did is because it does not allow consumers to make choices when a company is marketing a product or service to them. Why do you think today’s consumer mutes TV commercials, rips ads out of magazines, and turns on their online ad blockers?

Is Your Content working for You?

So if you are already engaged in content marketing, how do you know whether or not it is working for you? Review your current content and then answer the following questions:

  • Does your content deliver your marketing message, grab their attention, and keep them interested in what you have to offer?
  • Does your content just pitch your products or services or does it educate the reader about them?
  • Does your content make the reader want to learn more about your products or services?
  • Does your content stimulate the reader and inspire them to take action?
  • Is your content simply a sales pitch or does it provide your readers with valuable, relevant, and informative content?
  • Is your content targeting a specific target audience or is it too general in nature?

Depending on the way you answered each of these questions, you may want to consider tweaking the content that you marketing your products or services with.

Enjoy the Benefits

Even though content marketing requires a concerted effort in order for it to be effective, the benefits far outweigh the amount of work that is involved. Consider the following:

  • You will attract new business opportunities because clients will be satisfied and
  • refer their business associates, family members, and friends to you
  • You will build long-term relationships with key suppliers or vendors
  • You will develop trust within your target market
  • You will drive more traffic to your website
  • You will educate your target audience about your industry niche
  • You will enhance your company image
  • You will make your target audience aware when con artists, fraudulent or non-
  • ethical individuals, and scammers are trying to infiltrate your industry niche
  • You will present your brand as the leader in your industry niche
  • Most importantly, when your strategy is working effectively, you will convert more visitors into buyers and increase your profits.



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