How are Website Design and Development related?

Website Design and Development related?

One of the mistakes that individuals commonly make when discussing aspects of the online world is how they use the terms website design and website development interchangeably.  Not only is this a mistake, it is also the focal point of numerous debates when discussing these two common yet distinctly different topics.  Yet they are interrelated in a number of ways, especially since you can’t really have one without the other.  The only way to learn how they are related is to understand how they differ. How are Website Design and Development related?

Consider the Job Differences

In order to create a professional looking website, you need a website designer.  This person employs graphics along with graphic design (key terminology here) to create a website’s appearance or looks.  The designer marries the design with the code or coding necessary that brings the website to life over the internet.  They may not always be the individual responsible for writing the code, but they may work independently from the design team in order to breathe life into the website.

It has frequently been said that the designer has the creative mind since they have the expertise in a wide range of concepts such as audience and user experience, color, spacial relationships, and typography.  Web designers are oftentimes very imaginative and intuitive but they never stop educating themselves in a diverse range of fields.  However, they are most commonly drawn to the arts and graphic design.

Conversely, while the website developer functions in similar fashion the designer, they differ considerably where their responsibilities and talents are concerned.  The developer constructs the website from top to bottom by using specific codes or languages to do so.  Some of the development tools that they use include CSS, HTML, Javascript, and JQuery, just to name a few.  They typically do not focus on the visual appeal of a website but they play a key role in developing technically sound codes so it operates properly.

A website developer uses an entirely different skill set compared to the website designer.  These range from logical thinking to technical abilities.  Just like the designer, developers continue with their education but their fields of study include computer programming and science.  The best developers in the industry are very detail-oriented and extremely keen where certain specifics are concerned.

Job Market Statistics

The consensus in the industry today is that great designers and developers are a rarity despite the numbers of them that exist in the job market.  Ironically, the number of available jobs in both fields as well as the salaries they receive differ drastically.  For instance, there are slightly more than 200,000 openings for designers whereas there are over 1.3 million jobs available for developers.  Additionally, the designer’s median annual salary is just below $48,000 while developers are paid over $85,000 per year.

Two Job Descriptions, One Common Goal

Interestingly enough, both individuals continually work towards a single, common goal at the end of the day – the creation of an application or website that attracts visitor traffic and encourages them to respond to a call to action, such as purchasing a product or service.  In order to accomplish this, they must work together in order for a website to function properly and have enough visual appeal to entice its visitors.

While the colors and images that are used by the designer need to reflect the company brand, the interface used by the developer must encourage the visitor to respond to that call to action.  Ironically, the fine lines that separate website designers and developers is becoming more blurred with every passing day.