Website Design Trends For 2023

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Over the years, websites have become so much better and they continue to improve. Both research and experience has made it possible for us to understand why people are into online. With this research, it has given website owners the insight as to what makes a site so great. Read more to learn about Website design trends for 2023.

In 2023, developers of websites started to build responsive sites that use UI patterns that are more applicable. They also used trends that seem to be current in order to create the best performing sites that are well designed. These sites are so different from 2007. Here are a few trends that we have found are changing the way websites are designed for the better.

Number 1: Responsive Sites are a Necessity

Comscore results suggest that over 75% of American adults on the internet view that internet from both mobile devices and desktop computers. In 2015, an increase of 394% was noted on smartphone usage and tablet usage was up by 1,721%. With this information, web developers were quick to note that a good web design is one that conforms to a mobile unit first.

Responsive web design personalizes the website based on the device that is being used. What the users view will depend on what device they use. This simply means that a website designed for a mobile phone or tablet may see only one column but when that same website is viewed on a desktop, that one column may be several columns.

Number 2: Even the Smallest Details Matter

It’s not possible for us to see all the small details on a screen, details are small enough on the screen that we just don’t think about them. These small details are known as micro-interactions. A good example of a micro-interaction would be to check your social media posts or turn off an alarm on your phone, or even skip a song in your music player. These are called micro-interactions, according to Dan Staffer the director of interaction design at Smart Design. He is also the author of the book that offers a four-part structure for successful interactions:

  • Trigger – This initiates and action
  • Rules – What is happening in the interaction
  • Feedback – How do you know what’s happening?
  • Loops and Modes – What will happen next?

When a brand or company makes an effort to improve these micro-interactions, everyone notices. The overall experience on the web becomes much easier and flows easier. This leads web developers to find a few good ways to make the interactions seem seamless. When a brand works hard to improve the micro-interactions, consumers notice. The web experience is better with even the slightest improvement. Web developers are searching for different ways to make micro-interactions seamless and delightful for consumers.

Number 3: A Flat Design

 The flat design is one that has been around for a long time however it doesn’t go very far. If you are creating a new web site, you may want to go modern and choose a flat design which can help to ensure that your site is going to flow smoothly no matter what device it’s on. A flat design takes priority to the classic design. Web designers can understand that it’s a simple approach that is going to make it easier for web owners. The flat design uses bold colors and it doesn’t project the shading seen in the past. This modern design used digital representation, for example the use of icons.

Number 4: Use Modules as well as Components

 Web developers are taking a close look at web design in the most holistic form; they are not simply focusing their attention on the page as a whole. Developers are increasing the modules and components. A web system that uses inter-changeable parts that can be moved across multiple pages is the goal.

Modulation works when it is present as a standardized component. You may think that components are like building blocks which can be used when you need them. For example, the modular design, you may be able to populate a portion of the same information sprinkled onto several pages without being noticeable.  From experience running my own website for business, you need to be aware of the current trends of website building and why every aspect is being used. With this information, your site will perform well and increase over time.

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