What are Google AdWords Negative Keywords?

Google AdWords Negative Keywords

For those looking to save more yet have a better chance of addressing their target audience, understand the right keywords play an important role. As per Google AdWords, you are allowed to designate terms that you want and a whole range of variations that you don’t want included in the Pay-Per-Click basket of keywords. These are termed as google adwords negative keywords.

Use in search marketing

If you consider the broad matching feature, you don’t have a choice of picking off the useless keywords that you are paying for. That is why negative keywords help you cut through the clutter and eliminate the keywords that are not appropriate for your marketing requirements. Thus, it is a fact that negative keywords help:

  • cut costs
  • reach the target audience
  • Increase ROI

Usually these negative keywords are used for Display Network or Search Network only and you are able to stop the advertisement from popping up when people are searching for things that your company does not offer. It only shows the advertisement when people are specifically looking for those and will click on it. This helps to reduce cost on the marketing campaign by removing the keywords which are not cost effective.

Tips to get more on your marketing campaign

When you have to choose the negative keywords, it helps to pick the ones that are similar to the main keywords but can signify that people are searching for something different. Thus, here are some tips to consider:

  • It is essential to choose the negative keywords after proper research. In case you add too many negative keywords, the advertisements might not reach the target audience.
  • It is possible that the advertisements will still show up at pages that have some close variations of the negative keywords especially if they are a long keyword with more than one word. The variations will continue to pop up at similarly searched pages

That is why the success lies in selecting accurate keywords that can be picked from the Opportunities Tab at Google AdWords. It auto-generates a host of suggestions for the keywords and is the best way to pick the right ones for your business and brand building requirements. As these are auto-generated, you will need to manually pick the ones that are correct. You can browse through the list and find the recommended negative keywords for your marketing campaigns.

Utilizing Google Analytics

This is another good way of picking the right negative keywords to streamline your PPC campaign. You can explore the huge listing of organic keywords that lead people to visit your website. You can then narrow the keywords and start to focus on keywords driving the majority of the traffic. That will help you narrow down the listings considerably.