Why Does Your Website Design Needs To Be Mobile Friendly



Why does Your Website Design need to Mobile Application Friendly?

Without a doubt, we have witnessed the birth of a new internet era within this past decade that is referred to as the mobile age of the online business world.  Increasing numbers of individuals are accessing the internet everyday by using their iPads, smartphones, and tablets.  As a result, what was once a luxury has now become a necessity for eCommerce website owners and webmasters.  Today, it is almost inconceivable not to have a website design that is mobile application-friendly.

What exactly does Mobile-Friendly mean?

Being mobile-friendly and/or having a mobile application-friendly website design does not simply mean that people can find you using their mobile devices.  It also means that this type of website has been designed to:

  •  allow easy navigation using touch-screen buttons/controls
  • display only relevant content and information
  • fit smaller monitors or screens

Technically speaking, being mobile application-friendly is all about the ease of navigation, relevance, and simplicity.

Statistics regarding Mobile Device Usage

Recent statistics have shown that the number of individuals who use their mobile devices to search the internet and do their shopping is almost equal to the number individuals who still use their desktop or laptop for the same reasons.  Additionally, by the end of 2015, the number of mobile device users will exceed the number of desktop and laptop users where these practices are concerned.  There are other statistics to consider as well, including:

  •  4 billion mobile phones are currently in use on a global basis
  • 1 billion of those mobile phones are smart phones
  • 233 million or 1/3 of Facebook’s 700 million users currently utilize the mobile Facebook application
  • 50% of local internet searches are done using mobile devices
  • 86% of internet users are using their mobile devices to watch movies and TV
  • 5 million or 50% of twitter’s 175 million users currently utilize the mobile Twitter application

When you take all of the above statistics into consideration, it is hard to believe that many eCommerce sites have not yet developed a mobile application-friendly website design.

The Importance of a Mobile-Friendly Website Design

During the decade that ran from 2001 to 2010, the number of websites operating over the internet increased exponentially from fewer than 1 million to over 150 million.  By 2008, there were roughly 1 million sites that were mobile application-friendly and it is estimated that the number of these websites will increase to well over 150 million by 2017.  With over 3 billion mobile phones in use worldwide today, we are rapidly approaching a point in time where a person’s first internet experience will be over a tablet or smartphone.

Individuals today want information and services and they want them as quickly as they can get their hands on them.  With the latest technological advancements and innovations, it is now possible to use your smartphone to find all the information and services that you need.  So if you have not converted over to a mobile application-friendly website design, you are missing out on numerous sales.  Small businesses today must be able to connect with their clients or customers over their mobile phones and the only way to reach that market is by developing a website that is mobile application-friendly.

The bottom line is that the popularity of the mobile internet is growing every day and by expanding your reach into this ever-growing market, you will be able to provide your clients or customers with a better user experience.  Most importantly, when you consider the return on your investment over the long haul, a mobile application-friendly website design is an extremely cost-effective option.


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