Why SEO is better than PPC

Why SEO is better than PPC

Marketing activities that attract visitors and bring them to your website versus having to go out and solicit them is referred to as “inbound marketing.”  It is a common practice among internet marketers as well as a segment of a website company’s marketing plan and strategy.  In recent years, Cloud1 Marketing specialists have been telling marketing personnel that SEO (organic search) has one primary advantage over Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising (paid search). . . .

“ . . . . If you are able to discover a single competitive advantage in your marketing strategy that you can continually benefit from, SEO or organic search  is strategically better than what is typically experienced with a paid search or PPC.”

According to a GroupM UK and Nielsen research study that was published in a 2012 edition of “e Consultancy”, individuals who use Bing, Google, and Yahoo! click on organic search (SEO) results 94 out of every 100 times.  That research also compared the click-through rates of brands versus non-brands and vertical click-throughs as well while revealing demographic data about the type of individuals that click on PPC ads.

Ask yourself the following question.  If you are generating outstanding profits from your newly launched start-up, what is going to stop your envious competitors from entering your market and taking some of your profits? In other words, what will give you an advantage that you can that you can always use and keep your profits from being eroded by competitors? The answer for the majority of the start-up entrepreneurship out there is two-fold:

Your competitors either discovered that it was too difficult to build your product or technology or they attempted to do so and failed.

  • Your method for distributing a product can effectively reach more consumers than the methods your competitors are currently using.

It is important that whether you use PPC or just depend upon SEO, having quality content and graphics on your website makes sense. With constant changes to Google algorithms, it is important that you stay abreast of the latest developments for increased search engine rank. We can help you get the website to rank by using a combination of SEO and PPC. For more information on the advantages of organic search versus paid search or to inquire about our SEO services, please contact Cloud1Marketing today.