Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Since the advent of the World Wide Web, we have seen the marketing landscape change in dramatic fashion to accommodate both the modern format of digital marketing and online advertising along with its more traditional counterpart. However, ask any successful business person today which one they recommend for generating the best results and they will probably tell you that successful marketing strategies include both digital and traditional marketing.


The Basic Differences and Similarities

The basic difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is that former is used in the online world and has a web-based focus while the latter has a media-based focus (i.e. direct mail, print, radio, and TV). While these differences are obvious, they both share a similar function and goal – to attract prospective buyers and build brand awareness in the offline and online marketplaces.

Generate Positive Results with Both

Despite the fact that internet marketing is a very powerful tool, traditional marketing is by no means dead and ready to be laid to rest. When used in conjunction with one another, digital and traditional marketing can create a powerful 1 – 2 punch that breeds successful results and generates a good return on one’s investment. In other words, the correct blend of digital and traditional marketing works more successfully together compared to the way in which they work independently of one another.

Here’s a prime example of what we are talking about. Let’s say that your monthly goal is to sell “x” number of products. You could initially launch an advertising campaign that includes a print, radio, or TV ad (or a combination of media) to target your demographics. At the end of the ad, you could motivate your listeners, readers, or viewers to visit your website by inserting a call to action. Once they visit your site, they are rewarded with a discount coupon or view a demo of the product you are offering.

By combining digital marketing with traditional marketing in the example above, you have not only placed the right ad mix in front of your target audience, you have given the consumer a reason to visit your brick and mortar location as well as your website. More importantly, that discount coupon or product demo has given them a reason to purchase your product. At Cloud1Marketing, we can help you develop a business strategy that includes both forms of marketing to generate more visitor traffic while increasing sales and profits in the process. Contact us today for more information.