Negotiating a website design quote


Negotiating a website design quote

One of the most common problems that nearly every website designer faces or has faced is how to negotiate prices with their clients. However, you don’t want to give away the farm in the process. After all, this is what you do for a living. However, even if you have years of experience as a designer or webmaster, negotiating a website design quote that is acceptable to both parties involved can still be a challenging task.

Whether you have been designing websites for several years or just starting out, the tips below should enable you to negotiate a price with your client so that there are no hang-ups in the beginning or later on down the road:
Start talking about pricing right away so you can determine the client’s budget – in any industry, price is always the most sensitive area to discuss when attempting to strike up an agreement with a client and negotiating a website design quote is no exception. The first thing you should do is ask the client what their budget is like for the type of project they want completed.

Remember, most clients on have a vague idea at best as to what goes into the design and development of a website and if their budget is too low or unrealistic, those negotiations will be pointless. Granted, you want to ease your way into talking about price. But, you should do this as early as possible and not wait until you are approaching the closing negotiations. Talk about the elements of the design and what they cost as soon as you can.

Maintain control of the negotiations – clients are oftentimes reluctant to start discussing their budget and pricing at the outset. If you start discussing price early on, you’ll be able to maintain control of the negotiations and always have the upper hand throughout. Stay confident but don’t get haughty. Most importantly, you must be able to justify the reasons behind your pricing structure.

Don’t change the price; change the scope of the negotiations – don’t make the common mistake of thinking that you are going to lose that client if you don’t lower your prices, even if they become insistent. Re-examine all of the elements included in your initial scope of the project and the proposal you have drafted. If there are some that are not essential to the project, eliminate them and adjust the price accordingly.

What do you do if the client still balks at the price? It’s inevitable that some clients are just going to be difficult to please where price is concerned. Ironically, it is also that client that you have difficulties with when negotiating a website design quote that is also going to give you additional grief even after the agreement has been signed and you start working. Once the negotiations are completed, you should both be in agreement on price and what the client is getting for that price. Draw up a contract and get everything set in stone.

Make sure everything in the contract is clear and concise – it is extremely important that the client thoroughly understand every aspect and element of the contract. Both the contract and the scope of project document should reflect every aspect and element that the client is paying for. Leave nothing to chance by clarifying anything that is vague so the client fully understands what he is getting for the price you have negotiated with him or her.

Finally, you should discuss the possibility of building a long-term relationship and additional work in the future. Remember, at some point in time, maintenance will be required and the client may want to add more features.


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