PPC or SEO Which one is right for Your Business?


PPC or SEO ?

Pay-per-click or PPC or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) have similar goals namely to increase relevant website traffic and convert it into leads or sales.  PPC or SEO accomplish these goals in different ways.  Each one has its advantages and disadvantages which need to be considered when you are trying to determine which one marketing method is right for your business.

PPC vs. SEO – the Pros and Cons

The following is a comparison of the pros and cons of pay-per-click advertising that you need to consider before deciding on this option

PPC Pros

  • Allows the targeting of keywords and keyword phrases that your website is not built around
  • Can be implemented quickly and is the fastest way to attract website traffic
  • Effectiveness of keywords and offers can be tested easily
  • Guarantees search engine positioning
  • No changes are necessary in order to increase website traffic

PPC Cons

  • If you decrease your PPC budget, your sales and traffic will also decrease
  • More expensive than SEO (the best keywords have the highest cost per click
  • Properly maintaining and managing a PPC campaign can be very labor intensive
  • Some internet users will not click on paid ads

Now let’s consider the pros and cons of search engine optimization in order to make an accurate comparison of these two marketing forms:

SEO Pros

  • In the long run, SEO is more cost-effective than PPC
  • SEO endeavors benefit your rankings, no matter which search engine you use
  • Since you don’t pay for SEO rankings your position in the SERP’s will be more credible
  • The more SEO that is done on your website, the more you site will benefit

SEO Cons

  • Amount of targeted keywords are limited by the size of a website
  • Results take longer to occur while the benefits are measured months
  • SEO work involves making significant website changes
  • Your ranking is not guaranteed because of the constant changing and updating of the search engine algorithms (anyone can affect the rank you achieve)

Knowing whether PPC or SEO is right for Your Website

It’s important to compare PPC and SEO in order to determine which marketing venue is right for your website.  The following will help in your comparison:

PPC is right for Your Website if . . .

  • you are targeting extremely competitive keywords or keyword phrases and it might take years for you to achieve a good ranking
  • you built your website in an unfriendly search engine platform don’t have the financial means to rebuild it
  • you want to test the effectiveness of your keywords and landing page
  • you want to turn a specific promotion on and off at certain times
  • your advertising budget is large enough to maximize every traffic channel
  • your website is generating very little SEO traffic or is newly launched and you want immediate visitor traffic

SEO is right for Your Website if . . .

  • You can afford to wait up to 90 days for results
  • You don’t want to build immediate results; you want results to continue into the future for years to come
  • You want to add content on a regular basis, expand your website, and improve its usability
  • You want to pay the lowest price and maximize your visitor traffic at the same time

 Consider the Best of both Worlds

If there is one thing you want to remember, it’s the fact that PPC and SEO are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, combining the two of them is not only possible, the advantages of doing that will help to mitigate their disadvantages.  Just be sure to have both campaigns designed and developed by the same company or individual.


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