Stick Your Landing Page

You need to stick your landing page. This is ridiculous, most of the websites I visited today were crud.   I have visited professional website for insurance, attorney and construction companies.  They all had one thing in common, there was no call to action. Companies are investing time and money for Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click advertising and when someone comes there and there is zilch, zero, nothing.

With the average attention span of internet users of 5 seconds to decide to stay or leave, You need to get their attention.  I found 2 sites where they had an awesome graphic and you could not readily find their phone number.  They say great picture and think, “I guess they don’t want me to call.” Then they leave.

1. Have A Goal

Decide on what the page is to accomplish.  Every landing page must have a specific goal.  Whether it is to sign up for a news letter or download a ebook.  There is a specific action you want them to take.

2. Call To Action

Why and How

Give people a reason to connect.  Offer them free consultation, discount, something.  Then tell them how to get it.  So do not have contact button, have Click to get free consultation, Call now for 10% discount, you get the idea.   .

Make It Stand Out

If people cannot see what to do easily they will not do anything.  Make it easy for them.  Put it where they will see it.  Use the upper right corner for phone number and make it big enough to easily see.  Put the call to action button at the the point they finish reading your initial message. Keep the call to action you want them to take highly viable

The Complete Checklist for Creating Compelling Calls-to-Action

Written by Ginny Soskey | @

  3. Remove Everything That Is Unnecessary

 One of the most important thing in landing pages is to reduce friction.  Take away everything that can distract from the goal. Things to remove: Unneeded graphics, menu’s and text.

4. Do Not Have To Many Choices

Keep the white space open. If it is not necessary take out the widgets and ads that compete for the action.  White space is your friend, it guides the eyes to your solution.

Having to many choices is bad.  When visitors face to many choices they way more often than not chose none of the above.  They leave!

5. Customize The Landing Page To The                                         Source

If you have a special offer, do not have your ad go to a generic page.

6. Have Relevant Content.

The copy must have something to do with the call to action that brought them to the landing page.

7. Give Them Some Value

The visitor must be awarded for his action.

8. Form To Fill Out

Keep it simple, if you ask for to much information they will leave.  They must see the value of your offer offsets the information cost. So ask for the least you need to contact them.  As they follow your sales funnel you will gather further information.

9. Thank you page

A separate page that shows the action is being done.  So if you are sending them an ebook.  You tell them that the ebook has been emailed.  If you are going to contact them, make it specific as to when.  “We will call you within 3 business day”  Never be vague. “We will call you soon.”